How to access any eBook format on any eBook Reader, or not

eReader Folder

eReader apps on iPhone

The great thing about using a smartphone or tablet as an eReader is you can access eBooks or ePublications from many providers simply by installing multiple eReader apps, e.g., Kindle, Kobo, Overdrive, Play Books, and iBooks. The not so great thing about reading on those devices is it is hard to see their screens in daylight conditions.

In direct contrast, dedicated eReader devices—for example, physical Kindles, Kobos, etc—are usually tied to a specific provider—for example, Kindle to Amazon, Kobo to Kobo store—but their screens are designed to be easy to read outside.

My intent with this post was to describe a magic wand that would give you the control to put content from any eBook source onto the dedicated eReader device of your choice. Having gone through the exercise, I acknowledge it can be done—but the process isn’t straightforward and includes, in the case of DRM protected eBooks, a step that breaks license agreements and, in many jurisdictions, the law.

For the majority of my readers my advice is:

  • Use eReader software on your smartphones and tablets to be able to access as broad a range of electronic content as you can—the eReaders apps are free—you can install as many different ones as you need or like
  • Purchase a dedicated eReader device only if there are situations where your smartphone and tablet don’t perform well—for example, in sunlit conditions or times when you need battery life measured in weeks rather than hours—and be reconciled to restricting your reading in those situations to that device’s electronic content

If you are undaunted and really want to move your electronic content around, you will find more information at the following related links:


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